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Sure, when you travel you take with you the right touristic guide so, you don't need any touristc advice from us and we wont bore you with info you just have plenty of those.
Our "Personal Suggestions" are what we like to do when we stay on the Coast, may be have a dinner, make a walk, some shopping and other.
We meant, those are not the best reastaurants or the most well known places in the area but  just what we are familiar with, may be we like the view or have a memory  of the past.
This is not another ranking of the best, we only want to share with you some of our long time experience hoping those could be worthwhile for you enjoying you stay.

About Minori, you'll even find some more complete info, let's say "Service Info" usefull for your daily life there.


Minori - Amalfi Coast - Extended Area

Info & Advices from guests

Dimytri (Mosca)
Location really lovely
Milena (Torino)
Fantastiche spiagge e shopping da urlo!
Giuliana (MIlano)
Posto indimenticabile e suggestivo

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Food & Service

Minori is a small village so, it's easy to find whatever you may need within a few minutes walk along the main street Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

- At Pizza Umberto, on the left, the mini marked Conad
- Going toward the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, you'll find a bakery and a butchery.
- Going up, on your right, a little square with "Il Pastaio" where you can buy the real and unique hand made pasta. Don't miss your preferred ravioli, fusilli, tagliolini and other specialities. In the square there is also a medical assistence point (hope you won't need it!).
- On the left side of the Corso, there is a little street going down where is located the "Di Lieto" butchery. Don't miss its special sausages and all kinds of meat for a great bbq. Here you'll also find a good choice of wine.
- Going further on the Corso there is a bank with ATM machine and a pharmacy.
- On you right, another little street with a small supermarket.
- Now you are in front of the "Gambardella" bar-patisserie with traditional home-made cakes, pastries, biscuits and also the delicious Limoncello liquor.
- Turning left, along the street you'll find shops for vegetables, a backery with all different kinds bread and another supermarket.

- Back on the sea, near the church you have the well known "Sal de Riso" bar-patisserie.Taste its delizia al limone, chocolate tourt, ricotta e pere tourt and other (Salvatore always innovates and create new delicatezen).

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Due to its passion for Mediterranean food, Minori is nicknamed "La Citta del Gusto" (The City of Taste) so, you'll find great quality reastaurants for affordable prices.

- Il Giardiniello
 (+39 089877050)

- Il Pontile
  (+39 089877110)

- A' Ricetta
  (+39 089877704)

- Alta Marea
  (+39 089877576)

We know and like all of those so, we won't give you any ranks. They have penty of reviews on Tripadvisor and you could easily have walk to watch at everyone in order to work out your personal choice.

Very close to Minori, just out of Maiori, there is another restaurant we want add to the list, at least for its stunning terrace on the sea:
- La Torre Normanna
  (+39 089877100)


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For sure, Minori is not a great place for shopping like Amalfi and Positano.
However, you'll find some remarcable products from local artists and artgians: ceramics, paintings, fashion dresses and, of course, limoncello.

- Ruocco, exibition & shop front sea, near the church. Large variety of artistic hand made products. It's possible to visit the laboratory, may be watch the painting phase and ask for personalized items
- xxx

The passion for the Coast of locals is all in the paintings of the local artists.
You'll find delicious "acquerelli" depicting characteristic views of the area with the  soft&light colours of the Coast. Those may be a great memory of your stay in Minori.
- exibition on Corso Vittorio Emanuele
- exibition & atelier of .... painter ...

"Acquamarina", managed by the brothers Proto, is a local factory of Italian style woman dresses. They create their own design and collections in Minori to ship abroad.
The boutique is along Corso Vittorio Emenuele and you may ask to visit the factory too.

Minori, as a whole, is an historical lemon producer from the beautiful gardens on the hill.
Thus, limoncello liquour roots in all the local family long time tradition.Today you may buy artigian limoncello by at least couple of producer:
-  Gambardella bar, ask even for limoncello cream and other local liquors
-  Mansi, near the church, on the left, you may even visit the small laboratory.

Facing piazza Umberto, the antiques shop of ..... sells remarcable items mainly collected from ancient local residences.


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Do you like sweets? Great, sweets are king in here!

In Minori two patisseries:

Gambardella, with garden space outside. Traditional sweets like pastiera, sfogliatella, pasta di mandorle.

Sal De Riso, with tables and large umbrellas on the street. Specialities are choccolate cake, ricotta e pere, delizie al limone and many others. Salvatore, the pastry chef, always innovate with new flavous and cakes.

Than you have nearby:

Bar Trieste, Maiori, along the Corso street. Specialities: the "Sospiri" and Pasta di Mandorle. Both unmissable delicatessen

Pansa, Amalfi, near the cathedral. Historical, superlative traditional sweets. Recentely they started their own factory of chocolate candy.


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Water Fall

Are you tired of lazily resting on sunbeds at Minori beach?  Have a breack for fun, rent a pedalo' and go rigth side, direction Amalfi.
Stay close to the coast to watch at the small grotto and the villas clung on the rocks, projected on the sea.
Few minutes and you are in the beautiful Marmorata bay with cristal sea. Here the former papar mil is now a renovated hotel. Just on the left, the small water fall to the sea. Don't miss the experiece of swim till down the cold, very cold water fall from the rocks.
It takes about one hour to go, swim, enjoy and be back to Minori.
Going further, the rocks of "Il Carusiello" and, if you trust your legs, you may reach the pretty "Castiglione" beach. The beach is surrounded by hundred meters tall rocks and is reachable only by  hundreds steps or by sea. To get there and enjoy, you need about one additional hour.

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To Ravello by steps.
From Minori there are several walking path to Ravello.
I prefer the one that, starting from Amalfi Coast road (SS 163) just out of Minori goes to Ravello by steps. It will take about 50 minutes to get the square of Ravello, at the entrance of villa Rufolo. You will pass through the burg of Torello, with characteristc glimpses on your way. Take your walk early in the morning when the fresh air and the particular sun light will help you to enjoy the best. You may have your breackfast with some sweets and cappuccino at Bar Calce seating outside in the square in front of the Cathedral.

To Maiori through Torre village
This path ran along lemon gardens on the hill with suggestive views of Minori from the top.

To Villamena village


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Amalfi Coast for sure isn't known abroad for its local wines but this is going to change. Farseeing producers started the wines of the Coast rescue. With the help of qualified oenologist selected authocthonous grape varieties are improved over time to be blended in the  "Costa d'Amalfi" wines.
Piedirosso (Per e'palummo), Sciascinoso Tintore and Aglianico are red gapes while Falanghina, Biancolella, Ginestra e Papella are great gapes blended for withe wine.
If you like to hang around wineries and taste good wine you have some intriguing of those on the Coast.

- Cantine Marisa Cuomo - Furore 
   The most rewarded winery of the Coast, nestled on the rocks of Furore.
    Visit the cellars in the rocks and have a testing-lunch worthwile half day journey.
    What is the best? Fiorduva
    But even: Furore, Costa d'Amalfi e Ravello
    (+39 089 830348)

- Cantine Ettore Sanmarco - Ravello
  Just on the way to Ravello , easy from Minori (take care, on the way to Ravello, two Sammarco winery very close each other, we are dealing with the second one coming from Minori, Ettore Sammarco).
The visit to the cellars is not so exciting as the one in the rocks at Marisa Cuomo, but you may buy some remarcable wines. They make even a good grappa, if you like that.
What is the best? Vigna Grotta Piana, (they have a small production of this wine).
But even: Terre Saracene and Selva delle Monache
(+39 089 872774)

- Tenuta San Francesco - Tramonti
From Maiori, the way to Chiunzi, location Corsano.
This small winery is the morst recent expample of passion and recovery of old outhocthonous grape. You will find, with others,  a small wineyard with four hundred old, tintore prefillossera grape. A particular unickness in the area.
The family owner organize friendly testing-lunch with all their wines and local food products from the factory.
What is the best? E'Iss, red wine only of the tintore prefillossera grape
But even: Per Eva and Quattro Spine
(+39 089 876748 - +39 335 6670854)


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Amalfi Dinner

Amalfi has a lot of great restaurants, rancked by professionals and guides so, those listed below aren't the best ones but, are the ones I suggest to my guests when they ask me. They are simply where I like to have a dinner in Amalfi and I know that not everyone has the same preferences so, take care.

Lo Smeraldino.
From Pizza Flavio Gioia, go toward the big wharf, the restaurant is just the last one on your way.
Ask for a table outside, in the terrace on the sea and you will enjoy an unique night view of Amalfi with its lights reflecting in the water,  boats in the harbour and, if you are lucky, the moon.
Only the good food, the traditional Mediterrean dishes, a great pizza will keep your mind away from this paradise. Ask Cosimo for the best of the day.
Good price/performace ratio.
(+39 089871070)
Marina Grande
At Amalfi entrance, just in front of Gran Caffee bar.
More tastefully place, with terrace overlooking the sea. Giampaolo manages the restaurants taking care of al the details.  The chef always innovate, offering  an exciting dinner experience of local flavours. The price, not too high, worthwile to spend the evenig with friends or family.
(+39 089871129)

Donna Stella
At the heart of the ancient Amalfi, along the Corso (Salita Rascica, 2).
This small restaurant serves, in its lemon garden, pizza and traditional fried food. Don't miss the "cuoppo fritto"
I won't suggest this place to everyone, expecially if you have only one slot to spend in Amalfi but, if you do have time and are willing to taste some different local food, why don't try?
tel. +39 3383588483

Others are great, well known restaurants in Amalfi, may be even better than the above:
Gemma : tel. +39 089871345
Lido Azzurro: tel. +39 089871384
La Caravella:  tel. +39 089871029


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La Praia Night

La Praia, the pretty beach of Praiano, is one of the most suggestive place on Amalfi Coast.
It's a little bay sorrounded by hundreds meters high rocks and cristal wather. That's it.
No shops, no banks, no groceries; only couple of small chacteristic restaurants with tables outside and boats floating on the sea. A dinner at "Armandino" it's a lovely experience.We like to go down to La Praia in the night even just to stay, drink a beer, watch at the people and the sea.
From the beach starts a narrow path cut in the rock, just on the sea, leading to "L'Africana", a night club entirely in a grotto.  When I was young this rocky path was banned to me because it was dangerous to fall ... in love over there so, take care.
I'm not a disco fan now so, I like to stop half way at "Il Pirata" (/www.ristoranteilpirata.net). It's a relaxing,     , restaurant and launge bar where it's great have a dinner or stay for a drink. 

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Cetara is a fishermen village where time stopped from the past. Nothing is changed and you'll enjoy this calm atmosphere where all goes slowly. A timeless place.
Walk down from the Coast along the street toward to sea, have an aperitif, a glass of wine  or an ice cream at the small bars  with tables outside, rest on the harbour.
Three restaurants:
Acqua Pazza  with tables under the ancient cloister, traditional flavours with a polished chef touch.
Al Convento, San Pietro.
Youth love "La Cuopperia" also. It a small take away for fried fish and vegetables, "spaghetti alla colatura di alici", some good beer. You eat on self served tables outside.
Coming from Minori, don't miss a stop at "Delfino" on the Coast road at the beginnig of the village. Buy there local tuna and anchvy with olive oil.

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